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Weight Loss Shots are a contemporary, science-backed approach to weight loss. They work by delivering nutrients directly into your body, optimizing metabolism, and promoting fat burning. The shots can complement your existing weight loss efforts, potentially making them more effective and sustainable. With Weight Loss Shots, you're not just losing weight, but paving the way for a healthier lifestyle and a more confident you.

• MICC - $35.00 - Known as the "Fat burning" shot, MICC works by improving metabolism and burning fat, increasing energy, and removing harmful toxins developed in the liver. 

• Lipo-Mino - $35.00 - Designed to transform fat into energy and facilitate fat loss through reducing appetite, increasing muscle build, and boosting immunity. 

• LipoStat Plus - $35.00 - LipoStat Plus Built to burn fat and increase metabolism, this shot keeps you healthy and energized to get your body in tip-top-shape.

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